Founded in 2012, Hi Inov is the venture capital arm of Dentressangle Initiatives

A true startup accelerator for young companies looking for leadership in their markets

Hi Inov focuses solely on innovative growth companies in the digital economy providing equity investment as a leader or co-leader in each round of funding.


We support the growth of young, innovative companies in the digital economy by promoting the entrepreneurial values and management methods that made Dentressangle family’s ventures so successful.
Thanks to experience acquired in various sectors, Hi Inov is able to support entrepreneurs’ projects to chase for both fast and efficient growth. Much more than a simple financial leverage, we are truly an accelerator for young companies looking for leadership in their market.

Hi Inov invests:

  • 1

    By ensuring that it supports structurally sound growth

  • 2

    By opening its network to portfolio’s companies to find customers, skills, and funding

  • 3

    By closely monitoring its investments through a rigorous financial and KPIs reporting

  • 4

    By proactively searching for the best exits

Investment strategy

  • Target sectors

  • Position

  • Investment criteria

  • Process

Hi inov targets innovative growth companies in the digital economy

Presenting a high growth profile combined with a high contribution margin business model, they performed in the following markets:

  • E-services, digital media and social networks

  • Mobile and collaborative applications, smart objects

  • E-commerce and digital media SaaS solutions and point of sale technologies

  • Complex and niche e-commerce

Hi Inov acts as an active investor:

  • Investment size between €500k and €4m

  • Position as leader or co-leader

  • Board seat required

Hi inov supports startups in the first years, as soon as they proved the accuracy of their business model on a small scale (min €500K in revenues).

Our team pays particular attention to the following criteria:

  • Full entrepreneurial team

  • Truly innovative products or services

  • Positive contribution margin (margin on variable costs including cost of customer acquisition)

A highly skilled investment advisory committee

Built around the main Limited Partners of Hi inov, including Dentressangle Initiatives and entrepreneurs from the digital economy who are consulted for each new investment or re-investment.

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    • marketing strategy (or the preliminary technical development plan)
    • business model
    • competition map and positioning
    • funding requirements
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    Detailed project

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    • technical roadmap and features,
    • customer marketing segmentation,
    • partnerships,
    • marketing plan,
    • financial plan,
    • market trends,
    • and any other useful information for your file assessment.
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  • Fundraising pitch

    Pitch materials

    Designed to be commented by the founders.

    We advise two types of pitch:

    • First, a one minute elevator pitch enabling you to introduce your project without skipping important points,
    • Secondly, a 20 pages slideshow which allow you to convince a group of people in a one-hour meeting.


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  • Pierre-Henri Dentressangle
  • Valérie Gombart
  • Valère Rames
  • Nicolas Meunier
  • Pierre-Henri

    Pierre-Henri is an entrepreneur-investor,graduated from ISEG Lyon and holding a Master of transport and logistics. He created and developed several websites and then at the age of 21, he founded the digital content archiver, Archive Concept. In 2006, he built Aquasolo Systems, a company developing and selling an innovative drip irrigation system for plants. He listed Aquasolo’s products in French and European mass-market retailers. He also managed the marketing strategy and implementation of supply and production chain. In 2011, while Dentressangle’s family office was looking for asset diversification into private equity, he started the venture capital initiative.

    > LinkedIn

    > Viadeo

  • Valérie

    Valérie, graduated from Audencia Nantes Management School, and holds a Master’s in financial engineering law. From 1997 to 2011, she founded and headed the Information and Communication Technologies investment Department at Seventure and was promoted Managing Partner in 2003.

    In 2012, she joined Pierre-Henri Dentressangle to co-found Hi Inov.

    She has more than 20 years professional experience in venture capital and funded 35 startups. Her portfolio has returned 116 M€ of net gross profits to LPs. Amongst the companies supported since their early days through to their IPO areCimpress (formerly Vistaprint), Parrot, Bilendi (formerly Maximiles), Memscap, Xiring, Easyvoyage, and Emailvision.


  • Valère

    Valère graduated from ESIEE engineering school (digital and analog electronics, telecommunications and IT ) and holds an Advanced Master’s in finance from ESSEC business school. He began his career in 2011 as analyst at Seventure Partners mostly on German market and joined Hi Inov in early 2013.

    Within Hi inov he focuses on dealflow generation and analysis of the investment opportunities.

    > LinkedIn

    > Viadeo

  • Nicolas

    Avant d'intégrer l'équipe de Hi inov en 2015, Nicolas a exercé des fonctions d'investisseur en capital-risque chez Siparex puis CM-CIC Private Equity.   Il a réalisé une dizaine d’investissements dans les technologies de l’information, dont NovaParks, Creads et Sensiolabs, les accompagnant de leurs débuts jusqu’à leur cotation ou adossement.   Diplômé de l’ISEN, école d’ingénieur spécialisée dans l’électronique et les télécommunications, et d’un MBA de Corporate Finance à l’EM-Lyon. Il a commencé sa carrière en tant qu'ingénieur en télécommunications au sein de groupes industriels   > LinkedIn


  • Lyon

    30 bis, rue Sainte-Hélène

    69002 Lyon

    +33 (0)4 72 15 15 00


  • Paris

    24/26, place de la Madeleine (entrée 7 rue Vignon)

    75008 Paris

    +33 (0)1 84 79 05 57


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