DataHawk is an eCommerce business management platform for brands of all sizes.
About them

DataHawk is an eCommerce business management platform that provides analytics, recommendations, and automation to brands selling on Amazon, Walmart, and other channels. By leveraging DataHawk software platform, brands of all sizes are able to have better visibility of their performance and competition, boost their productivity, increase sales, and optimize margins. DataHawk product suite is comprised of 5 solutions:

  1. SEO to help brands drive more organic traffic and sales
  2. Product Intelligence to provide exhaustive visibility on products performance
  3. Market Intelligence to better understand and monitor the competitive landscape,
  4. Finance to facilitate profit & loss reporting, and
  5. Advertising to better analyze and optimize advertising performance.

We have been fortunate to work with the Hi Inov team for over two years. What stands out to us is their entrepreneurial DNA, their ability to quickly understand complex dynamics and see opportunities where others don’t, their standing as a long-term financing partner for founders with aligned horizons and unique multi-stage investment capabilities, their strong experience in SaaS, and most importantly, how great they are as individuals. Any founder would be lucky to have their support and I’d highly recommend working with them.