Aren Larcher

Investment Director
His role at Hi Inov

Aren is certainly our venture capital swiss-knife as he is involved in almost all aspects of running the Hi Inov fund. From sourcing start-ups, building up the deal-flow, finetuning the preselection of the best deals to daily exchanges with the founders, Aren is at the very heart of driving not only the German but also some of the French start-up operations. Finding and supporting the right partners, organizing the follow-up calls, running financial and technical due-diligence, setting up and finetuning business plans, term sheets, and closing deals is his day-to-day business.

He also plays an important role in assisting the partners in Germany and France in all crucial decisions as well as in the preparation of the quarterly reports and the board meetings.

His vision of Hi Inov

We support the next generation of world-changing technology startups and are building the bridge between already successful entrepreneurs and those who want to become ones. Hi Inov has a real impact on our society as a meaningful and sustainable investment fund in Europe.

His Background

Having worked as a VC Analyst and a Venture Architect Consultant, Aren is all too familiar with the disruptive startup mindset. Aren joined Hi Inov in 2019 to partner with ambitious entrepreneurs and reshape entire industries.

With a degree in economics from Zeppelin University in Germany, Aren started his career as an analyst at Seventure in Munich alongside Wolfgang. In October 2017, he became an innovation consultant with KI Group, a consultancy firm based in Munich. He joined Hi Inov in 2019.

A good conversation starter with Aren

Aren is a dreamer that likes to think about the world and our impact on it. He is passionate about the philosophy of life and loves exploring cultures (especially the French culture 😉 Start the conversation about his various hobbies that are music (electro – hip-hop – jazz), reading, photography (especially with 35 mm vintage cameras), and the arts.

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