Deepki raises €150M in series C Funding


– Largest ever ClimateTech SaaS fundraising in the Real Estate sector –

London, Paris, 30th March 2022 – Deepki, the only company in the world offering a fully populated ESG data intelligence platform for the real estate sector, announces that it has raised €150 million in a Series C round of funding. The operation was co-led by One Peak and Highland Europe, two London-based Growth Equity firms specializing in category-leading, growth stage, technology companies in Europe.

Other investors include Bpifrance, through their Large Venture fund, and Revaia, as well as existing investors Hi Inov and Statkraft Ventures, who continue to support the growth of the business.

Founded in 2014, Deepki’s SaaS platform helps real estate investors, owners and managers improve the Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) performance of their real estate assets, and in the process enhance their value. The real estate sector is currently responsible for around 40% of the Earth’s carbon emissions, and has a clear target of reaching net zero by 2050 – a goal set by the World Green Building Council Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment.

More than $5 trillion of investment is needed each year to 1 decarbonize the built environment and ensure the real estate sector can meet its commitment to meet the net zero target by 2050. Deepki estimates that the value of the monitoring and analytics market required to achieve this goal will be worth $5 to $10 billion by 2025, with year-on-year growth of 20%.

The SaaS platform enables clients to collect ESG data, get a comprehensive overview of their portfolio’s ESG performance, establish investment plans to reach Net Zero, improve energy efficiency, and assess results. It also allows users to report to key stakeholders. The platform is supported by carbon and ESG experts who partner with clients across data collection and analysis, through to ESG strategy definition and implementation.

Now with over 150 employees, offices in five European capital cities and operating in over 38 countries, Deepki has become the global leader in ESG and data intelligence solutions for environmental transition in the commercial real estate sector, with more than 500 million sqm – almost five times the area of Paris – under management. To date, Deepki has saved over 180,000 equivalent tonnes of CO₂ across its client base.

The new funding will help consolidate Deepki’s leadership position in Europe through innovation, securing over 200 new hires in 2022, establish and grow the business in the US within the next 12 months, and carry out strategic acquisitions. Deepki has enjoyed 100% year-on-year growth since 2019 and is confident that this trend will continue into 2022, as it seeks to benefit from the real estate sector’s increasing focus on improving ESG performance and combating climate change.

In 2021, Deepki secured significant new business from major European players such as AEW and Tikehau in France, Generali RE and DeA Capital in Italy, Allianz Real Estate and Warburg HIH in Germany, Azora Capital and Neinver in Spain, and several leading global property and asset managers in the UK.

Commenting on the new funding, Vincent Bryant, CEO and Co-founder of Deepki, said:

“The global real estate sector needs to act now if it is to halve its emissions by 2030 and meet the net zero target by 2050. This represents a huge market opportunity for Deepki. Today’s new funding announcement means that Deepki can make a greater impact and support even more asset owners in taking on the climate change challenge, and we are pleased to have our new partners Highland Europe and One Peak, as well as Revaia and Bpifrance Large Venture on this journey.”

Emmanuel Blanchet, COO and Co-founder of Deepki, added:

“Commercial real estate with poor ESG performance is already being affected by brown discounting and greater focus is being placed on properties which can adapt to more stringent requirements in terms of carbon emissions. As a result, we are seeing rapidly growing demand for our technology. The new investment means that we can take it to new markets and support the real estate sector as it plays its part in tackling climate change.”

Jean Tardy-Joubert, Partner at Highland Europe, said:

“What gets measured, gets managed and this is key to reducing emissions from the real estate sector, which currently is responsible for 40% of the Earth’s carbon emissions. Deepki provides a way for building owners, managers and tenants to measure and therefore neutralize the carbon impact of their assets. For one of the world’s oldest and most important industries, Deepki is providing an important first step on the journey to achieving real estate’s Net Zero goals.”

Humbert de Liedekerke Beaufort, Managing Partner at One Peak, commented:

“Tackling climate change is the most significant issue facing the planet today. We are proud to support Deepki as it helps the real estate sector understand and take steps to cut its carbon emissions, thanks to its market-leading and innovative solutions.”

Caroline Lebel, Investment Director at Bpifrance Large Venture fund, added:

“We are pleased to support Deepki in its next phase of growth. In a short time, the business has established a market-leading position and is ready to take its ESG expertise to new markets such as the US.”

Alice Albizzati, Founding Partner at Revaia (formerly Gaia Capital Partners), added:

“We were impressed by Deepki’s visionary team, who have managed to create a global leader in a deep, rapidly growing and much in-need market.”

Valère Rames, Partner at Hi Inov, added:

“Deepki manages to do something very few SaaS firms are capable of: growing – growing rapidly – and in a remarkable way. Deepki plays a vital part in helping real estate asset managers and owners understand what they need to do to improve their environmental performance and protect their value. We are convinced that Deepki’s innovative platform will establish itself as a key enabler in meeting the global ESG challenge.”

Stefan Hülsen, Managing Director at Statkraft Ventures, said:

“Deepki is ahead of the competition and has everything required to remain the global leader, as businesses do their part to tackle climate change. We are pleased to continue to support its growth as a global player.”

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About Deepki

Founded in 2014, Deepki has developed a SaaS solution that uses data intelligence to guide real estate players in their net-zero transition. The solution leverages customer data to improve assets’ ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) performance and maximize asset value. Deepki operates in 38+ countries, with 150+ team members across offices in Paris, London, Berlin, Milan and Madrid. The company serves clients including Generali Real Estate, Allianz Real Estate, SwissLife Asset Managers and the French government, helping to make their real estate assets more sustainable at scale.


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Deepki in a few figures:

  • 500,000,000+ sqm monitored
  • Operations in 38+ countries
  • 180,000+ equivalent tonnes of CO₂ savings detected
  • 150+ employees across 5 European capitals
  • 250+ customers around the world