How we support
our founders

At Hi lnov we believe that the more time and support you invest in your founders and their teams the higher the outcome and at the same time, the ROI will be. Also, we like to see our founders grow, succeed and thrive. Nothing makes us more proud! Our venture operating team helps our entrepreneurs tackle the challenges of growing their businesses on a global scale.

Hi Inov – Venture Operating Partners Business Development with Vincent Bryant (CEO Deepki) and Pierre Laprée (CEO Per Angusta)

Frank Bossel

operating partner
sales efficiencY

After more than 20 years as VP Sales in the technology and digital industries, Frank works with talented entrepreneurs to build and lead an efficient sales organisation capable of achieving long-term hyper-growth. He works closely with our portfolio companies to help them identify their customer personas, design the different steps of the sales process and implement them in the CRM, write detailed sales books and define and implement the remuneration policy for sales teams. He delivers operational advice on implementing sales fundamentals in terms of governance, structuring and execution. He is a true ally for them and has a deep understanding of their business challenges and how to help them succeed.

Frank Bossel hiinov
Andrea Vaugan hiinov

Andrea Vaugan

operating partner
Business development

A strong marketing and business development set-up is crucial for hyper growth companies. Andrea helps our start-ups create the right structures and processes for a winning marketing strategy and execution. Andrea will be the one to make the all-important introductions to decision makers and potential clients and partners. Last but not least, if you are aiming for the European or international markets, Andrea can help you find the right tools, experiences, strategies and structures. Her Franco-German culture is a great advantage in helping French companies to gain a foothold in Germany and German companies in the portfolio to do so in France.

Romain Levesque

operating partner
Communication & pr

Communication and public relations are crucial for acquiring visibility and building trust in the market. However, public relations are often considered a minor subject when you start a business but taking time to think with a third party about the 5 Ws (Who, What, Why, When, Where) is never a waste of time. It helps to set up the rightful strategic communication plan and can provide media exposure that could accelerate your growth tremendously. Romain provides strategic advisory on these matters, intending to challenge positioning and messaging always to find an impactful way to present the start-up and its business.


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