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Our European investment team has over 60 years of experience overseeing a wide range of successful exits, both to industrial partners and the European/US stock exchanges. We cover the full spectrum, with first-hand experience of what it takes to become an industry leader and the ability to adapt to the individual needs of your company. Every day, our portfolio of start-ups and scale-ups benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our venture operating team to refine their marketing, communication, business development, sales and international expansion. We put success at your fingertips.

Our flexibility and agility enable us to take decisions quickly. We prefer to be straight to the point and always give constructive and honest feedback, even to the companies we decide not to invest in. We are decent and down to earth, trustworthy, accessible and always by your side. We take pride in our work ethic and uphold strong moral values of humility, respect, courage, transparency, exemplarity and honesty.

Pierre-Henri Dentressangle hiinov
Pierre-Henri Dentressangle
Co-Founder & Chairman
Valérie Gombart hiinov
Valérie Gombart
Co-founder & CEO
Wolfgang Krause hiinov
Wolfgang Krause
Managing Partner
Marie Role
Head of Legal, Compliance and Sustainability
Véronique Gauduchon
Chief Administrative and Financial Officer
Valère Rames
Myrtil Mitanga
Senior Associate
Nicolas Amiet
Eléonore Caillaud
Investment Manager
Camille Rivet
Investment Analyst
Audrey Caramelle
Middle-Office Manager
andrea haut af9i1772
Andrea Vaugan
Operating Partner Business Development
Frank Bossel
Operating Partner Sales Efficiency
Romain Levesque
Romain Levesque
Operating partner communication


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