Deepki measures ESG impact of Dentressangle


Paris, 8th February, 2022

The family investment holding company Dentressangle has chosen Deepki, the leading real estate ESG data intelligence firm, to measure and track the environmental impact of its real estate investments.

For its two fully-owned real estate subsidiaries, Dentressangle is targeting a 40% reduction in energy consumption by 2030, in line with France’s Tertiary Decree. To this end, Dentressangle Immobilier Logistique (specialized in the development, construction and long-term investment for commercial, industrial and distribution real estate, with a portfolio of 500,000 m² across Europe and a pipeline of 200,000 m²) and Dentressangle Foncière Immobilière (which holds a growing portfolio of prime commercial and housing real estate in Paris and Lyon) have called on Deepki’s expertise to:

  • Collect and monitor tenants’ energy consumption data within the context of the tertiary decree
  • Define the best response strategy at portfolio- and asset-level

All ESG data pertaining to Dentressangle real estate activities are centralized and verified directly on the Deepki Ready platform. Thanks to real-time visualization of building performance, stakeholders can devise concrete action plans to optimize the consumption of their assets.

Beyond this initial phase of consumption auditing and support, Dentressangle intends to quantify greenhouse gas emissions for all of its real estate assets.

Vincent Bryant & Emmanuel Blanchet, co-founders of Deepki, comment: « We’re very pleased to begin this collaboration with Dentressangle and to support them in implementing their ESG strategy. We’ll be deploying Deepki’s top technological tools across a major real estate portfolio with specific needs, to ensure a comprehensive, ongoing assessment of energy consumption and accelerate the company’s environmental transition. »

Christophe Broncard, Managing Director of Dentressangle Immobilier Logistique, explains: « Our goal at Dentressangle is to position the real estate company as a preferred regional partner, supporting the regions’ economic vitality and their environmental commitments. For us, measuring and drastically reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of our buildings is a fundamental first step. To ensure a successful outcome, we naturally called on the European leader in ESG for real estate, and we’re confident that this collaboration will allow us to reach our goals.”