Acodis is a leading SaaS platform for document processing and document analysis for Pharma and Health companies.
About them

Acodis is a Swiss tech leader offering a scalable document processing and analysis platform for Pharma and Health companies. Companies like Roche and Syngenta use Acodis to reduce GxP compliance risks and shift from simple task-based automation to high-value tasks by improving their organization’s data quality and processes.

Acodis’ ready-to-use SaaS platform extracts data (including pictures, tables, and structures) from any document in any language. The built-in human-in-the-loop approach enables business users without any IT or machine learning knowledge to gather and validate data efficiently at speed and scale.

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We partnered with Hi Inov because they walk the entrepreneurship talk. Even before the investment, we enjoyed working with their team. As part of our collaboration, we can always count on their fast decision-making, expertise in SaaS, and strong network to support our growth phase.