Customs4trade (C4T) is setting the digital standard for the next generation of customs management.
About them

Customs4trade’s (C4T) unique team of customs experts and best-of-breed technology engineers has developed CAS, a one-of-a-kind software solution that automates customs and trade compliance. CAS is a centralised, collaborative hub designed to manage regional and worldwide customs formalities quickly and accurately, within one single platform. The modular solution allows customs organisations to select only the functionality they need and scale as their business grows. To get the most out of CAS and its specialised modules, C4T supplements its software with services. C4T’s team of customs experts fulfils tasks that cannot be automated, for example tariff classification, customs authorisation requests, and Certificates of Origin, as well as identifies operational optimisations for further cost savings. A CAS subscription can save companies up to 90% on customs administration and duty costs versus outsourcing to a broker and allows companies to bring their customs operations in-house.

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Hi Inov’s investment and expert counsel have helped position us to set the global standard for the next generation of customs management with our digital solution, CAS. Their roots in transport and logistics and track record helping B2B digital startups rise to the top of their verticals made Hi Inov an excellent fit for C4T. Their particular experience with fast-growing companies makes them a valuable sounding board as C4T rapidly expands to meet the demands of our customers and our market.