Deepki uses data intelligence to accelerate real estate stakeholders’ transition to net zero and sustainability.
About them

Founded in 2014, Deepki supports real estate players in their transition to net zero and sustainability. The company’s end-to-end solutions leverage data to improve ESG performance and enhance the value of real estate assets.

Deepki’s data-driven insights inform ESG strategies across the spectrum: energy, water and waste consumption, social impact and governance best practices. The only company offering a data intelligence platform combined with expert advisory, Deepki is the one-stop shop for ESG solutions.

With real estate accounting for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in Europe, the sector poses economic and environmental risks for investors. Deepki sets stakeholders on a pathway to performance and sustainability, transforming real estate into a positive force for the planet. Deepki is active in over 34 countries, with offices in Milan, Madrid and London, and trusted by more than 250 customers including leading companies such as Generali Real Estate, Allianz Real Estate and JLL, as well as the French government.

#Data #SaaS

When Hi Inov first joined 1.5-year-old Deepki, we decided to shift to a SaaS business model. At the time, we were looking for partners who mastered the B2B SaaS world, and Hi Inov brought us valuable expertise and feedback. They’ve been a very supportive investor ever since, helping us to create a long-standing, purpose-driven and scalable company.