Deepomatic digitizes field operations reporting thanks to computer vision.
About them

Deepomatic allows its clients to digitize physical world operations. Our client’s field workers use mobile phone cameras to take pictures of their works. Photos are automatically analyzed to provide a real-time, exhaustive, and detailed reporting of field works. A few images per day per worker allow our clients to accelerate and secure works acceptance, quality control, and field asset management. By accessing these data for each operation, it is now possible to understand how workers truly execute processes at scale in real-time. Our clients identify root causes of failure and even course-correct these failures as they are happening by alerting the involved parties or triggering automation. Businesses can now pilot their physical world operations based on facts, not just intuitions.

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When we selected Hi Inov of investor, we were seduced by a team of professionals who challenged us with very relevant questions an entrepreneurial mindset during the selection process. We were also impressed by their connexion with many large companies in France. Now, Hi Inov has brought us knowledge and connection to the field service industries. Wolfgang, our Board member, allowed us to recruit a crucial talent to open the UK market.