Created in 2010, Famoco provides Android business-only devices, controlled, secured & connected.
About them

Famoco provides a secure ecosystem allowing organizations to deploy their business applications quickly and seamlessly. Famoco designs corporate-owned devices with zero-street-value, based on a privacy-oriented Android OS for Enterprise, remotely manageable from one SaaS platform. It facilitates the application deployments and secures data capture for mobile payments, public transport, and identity verification (KYC) and mobile workforce management. Organizations can configure device profiles, push apps, track their location and add custom branding from a Famoco MDM. Today, Famoco is expanding worldwide and has deployed more than 500,000 devices in over 50 countries.

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Hi-Inov has a unique entrepreneur mindset: they are very hands-on, are genuinely involved, and never afraid to get into the nitty-gritty details of operational issues. Hi-Inov is generous with its connections and has always been by our side through thick and thin. We are thankful for their continuous support, and we look forward to pursuing our joint efforts ahead.