Geolid offers a unique and full SaaS solution to help large brand networks transform their digital ecosystem.
About them

Geolid is a comprehensive solution combining Technology, Data and Change Management to help large brands and networks transform their digital ecosystem and improve their online presence while boosting local business.
Within our platform, the national brands monitor and operate their entire digital ecosystem, while local stores easily manage their digital initiatives.

Our solution is divided into three main pillars:

  • An all-in-one Platform to measure, centralize, manage and communicate
  • A consulting agency for tailor-made support by our experts
  • Confirmed expertise in local digital media

Our main clients include: Jaguar LandRover, McDonald’s, Renault, KFC, Ucar, Yamaha, etc.

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Hi Inov has been a strong partner of Geolid for many years. As an early-stage VC investor they put a very strong interest on the long-term perspective. Hi Inov has specifically strongly supported the company and the management team through a business model transformation in the last years from an adtech business to a full SaaS product. Hi Inov also supports Geolid management team on a daily basis through strategic insights, business development and financial negotiation assistance.