Glopal is a leading cross-border platform that simplifies global expansion for retailers and global brands.
About them

Headquartered in Paris, Glopal is a unique cross-border e-commerce solution that simplifies global expansion for retailers and global brands. The end-to-end SaaS platform offers merchants a modular approach to expand into new international markets or scale growth in existing ones. Glopal enables e-commerce stores to consistently achieve 3X growth in international sales through its proprietary AI-driven international marketing, conversion optimization, duty and tax and logistics modules. With over 15 years of experience in the cross-border space, the Company helps global brands navigate the complexities of international expansion, while enabling them to deliver exceptional customer experiences through its native omnichannel capabilities. Glopal powers the international operations of some of the largest global retail brands.

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At Glopal, we are proud to have chosen investors who share our values and have a successful entrepreneurial relationship with us. Our decision to prioritize Hi Inov was based on trust and their solid track record of driving growth for companies similar to Glopal. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have partners who not only understand our vision but are also committed to helping us achieve success. With Hi Inov’s support, we are confident that we can continue to drive cross-border innovation, expand our business, and continue to provide our clients with even more value.