Hi Flow

Hiflow makes transporting a vehicle as easy as transporting a package.
About them

Founded in 2012 by Claire Cano-Houllier and Idris Hassim, Hiflow has already delivered more than 400,000 vehicles in France and Belgium. The company supports the digital transformation of the automotive sector, it allows new or used vehicles to be delivered in a few clicks and within 48 hours. With 3 transport solutions, an innovative platform and its many associated services, the company has established itself as the privileged partner of professionals. Today it has more than 300 active Key Account in France (ALD, RRG, PSA Retail, Fraikin, Arval, Aramis …) and in Belgium (Cardoen, RRG, Mercedez-Benz Retail, MHC Mobility, AutoOne …).

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Hi Inov participates in our strategic decisions. Advice and expertise allow you to take a step back to build strategic directions. The quality of the collaboration is also based on the entrepreneurial profiles of the investors. Finally, their networks and recommendations are rich in creating opportunities.