Ninox is a low-code platform helping mid-sized companies to digitalize internal workflows
About them

Ninox empowers business teams to build applications for internal workflows without software development expertise. By democratizing technology, Ninox helps leverage IT departments’ limited capacity, unleashing a huge potential for innovation projects. While this idea finds adoption in all industries, Ninox is particularly well suited for mid-sized companies in less digital verticals like construction, engineering and health care. Ninox is easy to learn for non-technical users but doesn’t fall short when requirements for enterprise-grade capabilities arise: APIs, scripting and security features are designed to provide the flexibility as well as reliability that is needed for ERP, CRM and multi-project management use-cases. With more than 6,500 customers worldwide, Ninox is regarded as a leader in the fast-growing low-code space.

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Hi Inov was our first choice when we looked for a partner who believes in the low-code market as much as we do. From day one, the team gave us actionable feedback and helped us to navigate the critical path from seed to growth stage. Hi Inov’s approach is straight to the point. They care about detail when it matters and stay out of the way when management focuses on execution. We couldn’t be happier to have Hi Inov on board and we foresee this just as the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship.