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Skillup empowers HR teams to play a strategic role in talent engagement, development and retention. The application is uniquely focused on user experience to make HR processes useful & enjoyable. Skillup designs for mid-sized companies a SaaS suite of best-of-breed HR modules:

  • Performance review: manage every interview, set goals and track overall performance
  • Training Management System: share a customized training portal, connected to 60 000 on-the-shelf training programs, to centralize needs and organize training
  • Skills module: map job descriptions & skills to identify skill gaps, both at the individual and company level

Skillup’s relentless effort to make HR processes more efficient generates 50% productivity gains for HR admin work. Reliable data, coupled with powerful analytics, help HR teams and C-levels in making strategic decisions.

Founded in 2016, Skillup has been adopted by tier-one organizations, including Intersport, Clarins, Verallia, BPI France or Renault Sport, with an unprecedent customer satisfaction: the solution is rated 4,8/5 by HR users.


Hi Inov’s track record in HR tech is outstanding. From our very first discussions, we were impressed by Hi Inov’s depth of knowledge of our industry. Furthermore, Hi Inov offered a very compelling operational support and international footprint that matched our need to scale. Last but not least, we felt that Hi Inov’s entrepreneurial mindset was a perfect match to our culture. We are honored to have their trust and pleased for the collaboration to come!

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