Styla is a head to headless storefront technology for ecommerce businesses of any size
About them

Styla is a software as a service technology that enables retailers and brands of any size to decouple their frontend from their ecommerce stack to go headless. By providing the fastest website load time in the market and a progressive web app (PWA), clients’ conversion rates, search ranks as well as many other ecommerce kpis see tremendous improvement. The company was founded in 2012 and works for companies like General Electric, OBI, Joop, Strellson and many other established global brands.

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Hi Inov has supported us in every aspect relevant to a startup and far beyond just providing capital. Whether it’s building a team, sharpening operational focus or going to market, in times good and bad the team at Hi Inov has provided smart advice showing both their profound experience and that they know how a founder’s heart beats. We are super grateful for Hi Inov to be the lead in our board and hope to continue our collaboration successfully in the years to come!