Zelros turns data into unique insurance customer experiences
About them

There is today a growing gap between what insurance customers expect and what insurers offer.
On one hand, customers’ expectations dramatically changed:

  • they want more and more to buy online
  • they want to understand in depth how policies meet their unique personal needs

On the other hand, insurers are incapable of delivering on the promise:

  • they are still product centric organizations and they are reactive against their customers requests
  • their products are complex hence they fail to provide relevant advice
  • and they can’t rely on cutting edge tools because they are stuck with their legacy

To illustrate this gap with numbers, almost 50% of customers are now eager to buy insurance from Big Techs according to the latest World Insurance Report issued by Capgemini.

Zelros gives insurance Marketing and Sales teams the power to be proactive. Zelros is the customer intelligence platform to create personalized experiences in the right channel at the right time.

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« We were looking for a VC highly knowledgeable in B2B SaaS software. Hi Inov brings an extensive track record in that space along with a brand name around rigor and professionalism. They’ve been helping pragmatically on topics around marketing and sales industrialization and on mobilizing a valuable ecosystem to get more and more international. Last but not least, they were really supportive during covid-19 uncertain times. » Christophe Bourguignat, Co-founder, CEO