Camille Rivet

Investment Analyst

Camille assumes the position of an Investment Analyst within our Paris investment team.

Her role at Hi Inov

Camille’s primary responsibility will involve engaging with B2B tech entrepreneurs and assessing new investment opportunities for our fund. She maintains a comprehensive understanding of the latest developments and trends in the industry, thereby supporting various teams at Hi Inov by generating relevant materials such as investment notes, startup valuations, and technology market analyses. Additionally, she plays a crucial role in assisting our marketing teams to establish a digital presence that aligns with the fund’s achievements.


Her vision of Hi Inov

Hi Inov embodies a commitment to providing operational and financial support to passionate entrepreneurs who possess a forward-thinking, ambitious, and sustainable vision of the future. As a venture capital fund, we leverage our extensive experience in the B2B tech sector and European market to empower these visionaries and contribute to their success.

Her Background

Camille recently graduated and has crafted her professional journey within the prestigious emlyon Business School’s Grande École Program, with a strong focus on entrepreneurship and finance. This passion has driven her to complete three impactful internships: the first in a budding real estate investment startup, the second in an esteemed auditing firm, and the most recent one at Hi Inov. Furthermore, she embraced a gap year opportunity to immerse herself in Asia’s innovation sector, undertaking the MBA program at the Asian Institute of Technology. Throughout her studies, Camille also embraced her entrepreneurial spirit as a self-employed freelancer, engaging in numerous sales missions for notable startups such as BlaBlaCar and Quitoque.

A good conversation starter with

Always in motion, Camille delights in conversing about topics like geopolitics and eagerly listens to intriguing travel anecdotes from others. She possesses a passion for strategy games and welcomes the opportunity to engage in a friendly game of chess or poker. Lastly, as an active member of the emlyon oenology association, she appreciates talking about recent wine and cheese tastings. Feel free to approach Camille at the coffee machine for an enjoyable conversation on any of these subjects!