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Investments & Board Seats:

Pierre-Henri Dentressangle

Co-Founder & Chairman

With a lifelong passion for digital technology, he was a website developer before founding Hi Inov in 2012, bringing his network as a business developer to the aid of start-ups. 

Pierre-Henri started Hi Inov with Valérie and with her laid the foundation for our activities. He strongly shapes the investment decisions at Hi Inov with his experience and vision.

His role at Hi Inov

Pierre-Henri started Hi Inov with Valérie Gombart in 2012, and with her laid the foundation for our activities. He strongly shapes the investment decisions at Hi Inov with his entrepreneurial experience and vision, and also guarantees that all our portfolio companies receive the best possible business development support. He uses his entrepreneurial background to offer advice and guidance to all our companies and provides them with a wealth of networking opportunities thanks to his close ties within the industry and the French SMB & corporate sector. He is also the strategic contact for Hi Inov’s LPs and the intermediary with Dentressangle, one of our biggest partners.

His vision of Hi Inov
His Background

Pierre-Henri grew up in the south of Lyon and, after studying business administration at ISEG Lyon, completed a Master’s degree in Transport & Logistics. Already during his studies, he turned out to be a serial entrepreneur and founded one project after another with fellow students, thus gaining his first entrepreneurial experience. At the age of 21, he founded Archive Concept, a company for archiving digital content. In 2006, he structured and managed Aquasolo Systems, putting the company’s products on the shelves of major retailers in France and throughout Europe. He joined Dentressangle in 2011 to build the venture capital arm of the company, as part of plans to diversify the business and structure equity investments.
In 2012, he co-founded Hi Inov with Valérie Gombart.

A good conversation starter with Pierre-Henri

Pierre-Henri prefers to spend his time with his wife and children in his native Lyon, France. Otherwise, you’re most likely to find him, for pleasure or business, on the golf course or at the top of mountains in the alps. Fairway, green, birdie, mulligan, draw or fade … Pierre-Henri swings the golf club with growing passion.

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